Monday, July 27, 2015

Update on Trevor

Well I thought I would give you all an update on Trevor.. It's been four months since his liver surgery and I can't believe the difference in him.. It feels great to see how much progress he has made and to know I gave him a second chance at life.. He is eating regular, still on the low protein diet but at least he is eating.. He is going to the bathroom on a regular bases and no signs of any blood since the surgery or trouble going.. His energy level is crazy compared to what it was before.. He is so much more playful and stays awake longer.. Bailey and him have become closer, funny I didn't notice this until the doctor told me a healthy dog will stay away from a sick dog.. Bailey did this he never spent much time around Trevor now they are sleeping side by side and playing together...  He goes in September to have the levels checked for his liver and I am sure they will be back to normal.. He has gained 3 pounds and he's filling out, and his coat colour is a nice white now.. 
Just a reminder the draw for the quilt is July 31 and I still have tickets if you would like to buy some.. 3-2$ or 8-5$ thanks to everyone who has bought tickets we raise just about nine hundred dollars from tickets, yard sale, and selling hats my sister made.. With this money I have paid for two appointments which each time was close to three hundred  which was to check his blood since he came home and each time he would spend most of the day at the vet where they would check his levels and then wait and feed him and check them again. He is on a special diet so I have purchased two things of food for him in the last four months. The surgery was expansive and yes I make monthly payments on that but would do it all again, post surgery is expensive as well as test and the special diet will continue , along with blood would every few months so I want to say thank you to everyone who supported Trevor every bit has helped me I really do appreciate it..  again I will post the winner of the quilt once the draw is done on July 31