Thursday, April 30, 2015

Updates on Trevor from the last few days..

Monday Update..
I received a call from the vet college today, Trevor is doing excellent.. He will have the Catheter removed tomorrow.. He's eating better now then he has in the last three weeks, this is a sure sign he is feeling better. The Dr said he was more himself today and was a little playful.. I am so happy to hear this, I will go early Friday morning to bring Trevor home..


Well two more sleeps and Trevor will be home.. I can't wait!!
He had the catheter removed but is still in ICU as he has 24 hour care. The regular kennel care they only check on them twice a day and I didn't  feel comfortable putting him there. He's so far from home and had got to know the people in ICU so well I felt best to leave him there plus he has been getting wonderful care from them.. Two more sleeps Trevor and you will be home xo

Today's update 

I want to send a big thank you out to everyone who sent prayers and well wishes to Trevor he's coming home tomorrow. I so excited I can't wait to see him, it will be the longest drive to PEI ever. I am not sure who will be more excited him or me.. Probably both😄🐾 thanks again for all your prayers..

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Update on Trevor..

Just got call from Vet College  Trevor's doing well eating, blood work is in the normal range.. He is still in a lot of pain but other then that he's doing great super excited ..  They  still have him on the seizure medication and will be for two more weeks but other then that ..
My baby will be home soon next Friday can't come fast enough we all miss you Trevor

Please visit this site and donate if you can any amount will help.. Email transfers are accepted as well.. Can you also share with all your friends thank you so much

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Well my Trevor is in PEI at the vet college. He had to have his shunt repaired and two cysts removed from his kidneys. He had surgery today and everything went well. He's in ICU and will be for a day, he won't be home until next Friday.. I really miss him, he's my best friend and snuggle bunny. Please keep him in your thoughts.

This is a fund my friend set up to help with the vet cost for Trevor if you can donate any little bit will help thanks 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Winter seems to be lasting forever...

We sure have had our share of snow this winter season, but I am ready for spring and so nice weather.