Sunday, August 30, 2015

Busy summer

Been a busy summer.. 
Well vacation is soon coming to a end.. Had a very busy one and made lots of memories.. Time flies fast when you're having fun.. Hard to believe this time last week we were getting ready for a wedding and I had a house full of people. House is now quite, Johnny and Sue are married, and everyone is gone home.. Spend time with family and friends and make all the memories you can for time goes by so fast..

Monday, July 27, 2015

Update on Trevor

Well I thought I would give you all an update on Trevor.. It's been four months since his liver surgery and I can't believe the difference in him.. It feels great to see how much progress he has made and to know I gave him a second chance at life.. He is eating regular, still on the low protein diet but at least he is eating.. He is going to the bathroom on a regular bases and no signs of any blood since the surgery or trouble going.. His energy level is crazy compared to what it was before.. He is so much more playful and stays awake longer.. Bailey and him have become closer, funny I didn't notice this until the doctor told me a healthy dog will stay away from a sick dog.. Bailey did this he never spent much time around Trevor now they are sleeping side by side and playing together...  He goes in September to have the levels checked for his liver and I am sure they will be back to normal.. He has gained 3 pounds and he's filling out, and his coat colour is a nice white now.. 
Just a reminder the draw for the quilt is July 31 and I still have tickets if you would like to buy some.. 3-2$ or 8-5$ thanks to everyone who has bought tickets we raise just about nine hundred dollars from tickets, yard sale, and selling hats my sister made.. With this money I have paid for two appointments which each time was close to three hundred  which was to check his blood since he came home and each time he would spend most of the day at the vet where they would check his levels and then wait and feed him and check them again. He is on a special diet so I have purchased two things of food for him in the last four months. The surgery was expansive and yes I make monthly payments on that but would do it all again, post surgery is expensive as well as test and the special diet will continue , along with blood would every few months so I want to say thank you to everyone who supported Trevor every bit has helped me I really do appreciate it..  again I will post the winner of the quilt once the draw is done on July 31

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Little Piece of heaven..

Went for a drive the other day.. Rob showed me a few of his favorite spots they are just beautiful..

Had a fun day at Kingsport..

Went to Kingsport with my friend Nicole and her son Rowan had a lot of fun taking these pictures

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Trevor's first liver test..

Well Trevor has his first liver test Wednesday and we got the results Thursday. His liver is not functioning 100% yet but it's better then before he had the surgery.. Some of his blood work is still a little high but nothing like it was.. Things are improving but slowly so we are heading in the right direction. His bile acid was 135 now it's 35 and his other one was 352 and now it's 80 so hopefully in three months things will be back to normal..

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Well crap I worked Thursday night and missed throw back Thursday's sorry guys... Night shifts suck sometimes, they mess your system all up.. Sometimes I am all messed up on what day I am on and if I am coming or going.. But here's a picture anyways.. Hope everyone has a great weekend.. I sure the hell hope it warms up.. It's hard to believe May is almost behind us and I am still turning on the heat.. It felt like fall last night not spring that's for sure. Let's hope next weekend is a lot warmer with apple blossom coming... 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throw Back Thrusdays

Every Thursday from now on I have decided to do throw back Thursdays and post a old picture.. Enjoy..

  This is my brother Johnny, sisters Donna and Debbie 1967
Trevor is making a very quick recovery. He is eating well and picking on Bailey like old times, by taking all the toys.  He enjoys soaking up the sun like he used to. I am so happy I went ahead with the surgery he will make a full recovery.  
Bailey too is glad to have Trevor home I think..