Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hurricane Arthur...

Well I was on my way home from work Friday night and it started to thunder and rain so hard, I couldn't see to drive it was crazy.. Hurricane Arthur wasn't due to hit us until Saturday, but oh boy was it ever raining.. 

It even washed away part of this parking lot..

Hurricane Arthur...

The mountain heading towards the coldbrook school was blocked by trees.. 

MacDonalds sign fallowing over from the winds of Arthur.. 

Our power went out at 7 am this morning came on at once this afternoon and then went back out until  about 7 pm. Thank god for a genortator, plus it was able to get a few cards made today here is one.. 

Over 140,000 customers were with out power today a lot of businesses were closed, and the ones opened were very busy.. Like Burger King lol