Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Moments I Love

Danny and I had a photo book done for his mom.. The photos were of her when she was young, her sister , mom, dad and the family. She just loved it.. These are moments I love..

Happy..Happy.. Happy Day ..

Happy day everyone, well it's Tuesday sky is blue, sun is out and it is cold out.. I have been listening to the radio since I got to work and have to laugh.. Environment Canada was calling for 10 cm of snow with snow scrawls while everyone else was calling for sun with chance of snow flurries.. The guy on the radio was making jokes about it then just before lunch he says environment Canada must have looked outside they changed their weather forecast for today.. We are now getting sunny periods with snow starting this evening could see 10 cm and with snow scrawls..too funny..
Well we had two fire drills at work today fun fun fun is all I have to say..  Oh I should be saying Happy Happy Happy.. I will be making some more cards tomorrow I got a few neat ideas I want to try will post some pictures when I get them done.. I wanted to say I got a video the other day from one of the kids I send cards to and it had me in tears, happy tears what a sweetie it was just too cute and it just makes it all worth it..:)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

You're doing great..

Okay so I have been cheering my friend on with running... Well today she went running with her running group and and I am very taken back by the wat she was treated.. Her shin has been sore and she went to her instructor and mentioned it to her.. Her instructor said to her oh your ready to quit already are you.. My friend was taken back by this she is not looking to quit ..she ran extra that week and even walked. Yet her instructor insisted she was looking for an excuse to quit.. The instructor then went on to say to my friend after she completed the run , you should see a sports doctor about that you wouldn't want to get a fracture or is that what you want so you don't have to run anymore.. My friend was really discouraged after this happened to her today.. I am very upset that an instructor would be that way towards someone who is trying to loose weight or get fit... My friend quit smoking, gave up her best friend( Tim Hortons Coffee) and started to run which she never did before.. If an instructor talks this way to everyone how many people just give up.. I think you should have encouragement when you are trying to lose weight, start something new or give something up, not negative. 
I would like to say to my friend you are doing a great job, keep up the hard work and don't give up no matter how discourage you get.. To the instructor you could have dealt with it in a better way.. You could have said it was normal to have sore shins, or maybe it's your shoes, and gave a little bit of encouragement as well.. like your doing great keep up the good work.. These all go a long way when someone is trying hard to do something new, and remember we all start at the same end of the scale when starting something you.. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Been feeling like spring..

Well it's been feeling like spring here and the  snow is just about gone.. I don't think that will last long. We do live in Nova Scotia and the weather can change in the blink if an eye. 
I am working all weekend and can't wait for Monday to go running. I have 20 more cards ready to mail and will make some more on my days off.. 
Well hope everyone has a great weekend.:) 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Haven't posted in awhile..

Well I haven't posted in awhile.. Sorry for those of you who are checking my page.. I have been cheering my best friend on who started to run, I made some Valentines day cards and I am still running.. I can't believe how warm it was today, last week we had tempatures of -28 and today it was + 10.. Most of the snow has gone, let's hope it stays away.. I received notification that the kids who received the Merry boxes loved them this is one little girl..


Monday, January 6, 2014

This puts a smile on my face..

This is one of the kids  I sponsered at Christmas for their merry box.. This has been a very rewarding experience for me, I am helping send smiles to kids however; the smile they put on my face makes it all worthwhile.. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mud Hero

Well I signed up for Mud Hero and I am starting a 6 week Ab workout.. The -20 temps today running ,must have really awaken something in me or I am looking to kill myself lol.. Well it was beautiful out running today here's a photo from today. Have a good one everyone..

Friday, January 3, 2014

I was there..

I saw this video today and had to share.. My boys love hockey this ones for you... Love Mom