Sunday, September 22, 2013

Spent the weekend with my son..

I spent the weekend with my son... No where else I would have rather of been..Vince it was so nice having you over, You are a very smart young man, and good looking too... I think you get that from your mom lol
I am glad you had a good time and I hope we can get together soon.. Thanks again for coming over..Love ya..

Oh and mom loves your t-shirt... for everyone out there is says.. Don't Read This... get your own t-shirt..

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I did it ....

Ok I did it I am resgistered for the Valley Harvest Marathon... First time I have ever entered a run of any kind , other then when I was in high school track and field. As my motivational running quote mix of music I listen to as I am running says...

In running, it doesn't matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, "I have finished", there's a lot of satisfaction in that....Fred Lebow..New York Marathon co-founder.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

For Aunt Della,Aunt Donna,and Aunt Debbie.....

 These pictures are for Aunt Della, Aunt Donna, and Aunt Debbie.....

Mommy got me a new shirt I am not like my brother who wears them no problem...

I got one arm out...

I think I got myself in a pickle here... how do I get out of this thing....

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Update on Mark...

I have attached a write up that was on the site of an update on Mark thoughts and prayers go out to the family and Mark.

Supportive words and monetary contributions are still coming in for aNew Minas man injured in Thailand.
Mark Schofield moved to Phuket, Thailand, to teach junior high age students in August. According to family members, he was injured Sept. 6 in a scooter accident when he crashed into a pole after swerving to avoid a collision in heavy rain. Although he was wearing a helmet, Mark was badly hurt: suffering a broken jaw, two broken arms, broken collarbone, a shattered eye socket and brain trauma.
According to the Phuket News, Mark is being cared for at the Vachira Phuket Hospital.
His sister, Julia, and brothers, James and Scott, have set up a website where friends and supporters can get updates on the 34-year-old’s condition and make donations to help cover his medical costs.
Within four days, more than 1,000 Facebook users had shared the site and the donations had reached more than $40,000.
“We’re a little uncomfortable with how much traction it has gotten,” Scott said in an interview last week.
“We really don’t want to be looking for general public support," the Port Williams resident noted.
Tavis Bragg, who knew Mark when he was studying at Acadia, said his friend is “a natural teacher. He is charismatic, knowledgeable, patient and wise.
“He's touched the lives of many people here in New Minas and Wolfville. It's no wonder there is an outpouring of support.”
Some of Mark's childhood friends have added their support online, even those who haven't been in close touch since Horton High days.
"Mark was the kid in class that liked everyone, and everyone liked him, plain and simple. It's very easy to see why he became a teacher," Aimee FitzGerald Murphy told "It's very clear from his fundraising page that he has an enormous amount of support from family, friends, schoolmates and colleagues not just here in the Annapolis Valley but from all around the globe."
The family appreciates the financial support, but Scott and Julia sound more touched by the caring messages left by more than 500 supporters than the donations.
"People are sending their prayers and their positive energy,” Julia said.
Mark’s parents and wife arrived in Phuket Sept. 12 and were reassured by the quality of medical care provided, Scott said.
However, Scott reported  Sept. 14 that Mark’s condition seemed to have deteriorated. 
“Mark hasn’t been as responsive over the past three visits, and we are hopeful that it is simply fatigue,” he wrote on the website. “Mark also had to be moved out of ICU earlier than anticipated due to the high number of head traumas in Phuket recently.  The major concern right now is his left arm which suffered nerve and ligament damage.  They are unable to perform the necessary surgery at his current hospital - either he can return home or transfer to Bangkok, neither of which are options for him at this time.”
Scott added that Mark’s medical bills are already higher than expected. Earlier, Scott had said his brother thought he would have full medical insurance through his employer. Some of the mystery has been solved, however.
“The reason the insurance is not covering the costs associated with his accident is because they have a zero alcohol tolerance and there was some found in Mark’s blood upon admittance,” Scott wrote, adding anyone who wanted to withdraw their support could contact him.
He added the family is still touched by the concern and support from friends and strangers for Mark’s plight.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Live life.....

Live life to the fullest, make every moment count ,and everyday will be worth celebrating ~ Wherever this day takes you may it leave you with great momories....


Saturday, September 14, 2013

What makes you feel good?

This morning a friend thanked me for helping her have a good day yesterday, now I didn't  think I did much but , just be a friend and enjoyed my day working with her. One of the clients thanked me for a great breakfast yesterday, saying the plate looked so nice and colourful.  So today when a client upset her juice and was saying  she was stupid etc I went and picked her a thing of flowers, and to see the look on her face when I gave them to her made my day... Sometimes it's the small things in life that bring us great joy enjoy your day everyone... 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Medical Relief for Mark | Medical Expenses -
Donations and prayers are pouring in for a New Minas man in serious condition in a Thai hospital.
Mark Schofield moved to Phuket, Thailand, to teach junior high age students in August. He was injured Sept. 6 in a scooter accident there, suffering a broken jaw, two broken arms, broken collarbone, a shattered eye socket and brain trauma.
His sister, Julia, and brothers, James and Scott, have set up a website where friends and supporters can get updates on the 34-year-old’s condition and make donations to help cover his medical costs. Within 24 hours of the site going live, more than $27,000 in donations had been made through PayPal and a number of supportive messages were added. By late Thursday afternoon, there were more than 800 Facebook shares.

“This is the first time I’ve had a smile on my face since we’ve gotten the news,” Julia said Sept. 12.
“He has so many supporters out there – people who know him and love him  - (and) we’re completely in awe of the people who don’t know him (who offered) support."
The family, she said, is very grateful for all the support
“It’s really uplifting,” Julia said.  “We’re really in awe. We all feel indebted to people for their love and support.”
One hundred per cent of funds raised will go to Mark’s medical care and rehabilitation while in Thailand, until he can return to Canada. Mark's workplace and visa provide only minimal medical coverage.
The family appreciates both the financial support and also the caring messages left by supporters, added Julia.
“People are sending their prayers and their positive energy,” she said, both from Kings County and around the globe.  
“He was a world traveller and along his journeys he has touched a lot of people.”
After graduating from Acadia University, Mark taught in Korea for seven or eight years, where he met his wife, Rachel. He returned to Wolfville last year to complete his bachelor of education at Acadia. During his studies, Mark had teaching placements at Central and West Kings high schools.
Mark’s parents, Douglas and Kathleen, along with his wife, Rachel, were expected to arrive in Phuket late Sept. 12, after two days of travel.
“We’re hoping sometime tonight they’ll be able to send an update,” Julia said Thursday afternoon.  
Communicating with the Canadian embassy, the hospital and police has been challenging for Mark’s family at home in Nova Scotia. The circumstances of Mark’s accident are a mystery to the family at this point, Julia said.
“As far as we know, it was a single motor vehicle accident. That’s all we know. Unfortunately, he was there by himself," she said.
“We are incredibly heart warmed by our dear friend Teresa Mayich, who was doing missionary work in Bangkok,” Julia said. “She found out about the situation and knew our family wouldn’t be able to be there for a number of days. She has been there since Monday afternoon and wanted to stay until our parents and Rachel arrive.”

RIP Ski Pole Man...Please sign petition......

I just heard that the Ski Pole Man had passed away.. My thoughts and prayers are with his family...

I wanted to update this and hope everyone who has left a comment would sign the petition to name the stretch of highway 101 after Anthony..

I have attached the link to the petition site and copied what was wrote about Anthony here as well..

This is what is written under the read petition:
As you all may have herd Anthony Wheeler Aka Skipoles Aka Happy Aka Smiles has passed away a few days following a Massiver Heart Attack, We all as a Community knew anthony as the HighWay 101 Walker The man who always smiled, Anthony Every Day no matter the Weather on his journy For weightloss Would Walk a Large Strech Between Coldbrook Ns And the Big Stop In New minas Ns We as a Community would Like to have this Area named after him Please get this out and about the more people for this the better thanks and it will mean a lot to everyone!:) 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Have you ever felt...

Have you ever felt like you've been slapped in the face, and feel like I have been here before and should know better... 
My best friends are my dogs, they love me unconditional, they listen without judgement, they never talk back, and they always hold all my secrets...I love you Bailey and Trevor 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shopping at Frenchy's today...

Well I went frenchy shopping today with my sisters, and I have to say I had a great time.. You guys always make the day fun and entertaining... I got lots of stuff.. I have to say the guys frenchys in Coldbrokk has a lot of other places beat all to pieces....

Thanks for the laughs and memories.....

I found this video and thought it was fitting enjoy .....