Thursday, July 13, 2017

When do you say..

When do you say enough is enough..

weather it's family or friends when do we say enough.  When do we stand up and say we have had enough of the way people treat us.. For me it's now.  Do we continue to allow people to disrespect us all because they are family or a best friend.. no would you allow a stranger to do that.. so what makes them any different. For years I did. but I have taken so much that I'm done with it.  That's my rant for today.. Happy Thursday

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Things arent what they appear to be.

So tonight was a beautiful night the sun was starting to set and there was going to be fireworks in Halls Harbour .. Well we headed over and we lost our sunset to a huge wall of fog.. Yes the fireworks were canceled.. However came home to clear skies..

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada day fun

I often wonder...

I often wonder why is it that people in our lives, weather it  be famiky ,loved ones, friends , the people we are close to can treat us like crap and feel its OK.. I mean they see you and think why is she so mad yet they are the ones who have been so disrespectful towards you or have hurt you.. They just don't see the hurt they have done to you.. That's just my thought for today.. Happy Canada day everyone..🍁..


I did a photo shoot of prom and grad this week.. it was busy but I loved it. One being it my nieces prom and I did grad  photos for a friend..

Happy Canada Day

Hope everyone has a great Canada Day.. Happy birthday to my niece Nancy and happy wedding day. I hope you have a great day.. sending hugs and good wishes. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Post Update

Awhile ago I posted about going gluten free well I wanted to give you all an update and not leave that post hanging.

I have cut most of the gluten out of my diet and have seen a huge change . I no longer have tingling in my hands and feet, skin issues, and most importantly the headaches.. I don't have as many which is  a huge bonus..

I am not as tired but still struggle with being tired and I am trying to deal with this now.

Hope everyone is having a great day.. sorry for the back to back posts but I haven't posted in awhile and thought I would get you all up to date..

Keep smiling 😀

Went for a walk

Rob and I went for a walk, 

For Our Parents

Both mine and Robs parents have passed so I made these to wear on my wedding day..

they have pictures of both of parents on them..

Update on wedding plans..

Well I think I am ready, and if I am not its coming anyways.. We have made almost everything for our wedding and I bought my wedding dress second hand.  We are doing a one stop wedding so to speak lol, all in one place.  Here are somethings we made..

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Friday, March 3, 2017

Update My journey to gluten free..

Well after week of going gluten free, I see a huge difference My hands and feet no longer tingle or are numb. My skin doesn't itch like it used too. Rob bought me a gluten free cook book and I absolutely  love it..